RV Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance

The most prevalent problem with RV Air Conditioners is the filters not being cleaned. Unclean filters reduce air flow and can create freeze up problems, electrical problems, efficiency problems, etc.

Check the inside filters at least every two weeks when the air conditioner is in operation.

These filters collect dirt and dust as air is drawn from inside your coach across the evaporator coil of the AC.  Clean filters will help air flow and keep excessive dirt from collecting on the evaporator.


The outside consdensor and evaporator coils also need to be cleaned. We see lots of black mold growing on these coils which is bad for your health as well as the longevity of your AC. Heavily used RV's may need the outside coils cleaned every year, lesser used RV's may only need cleaned every other year.

Green Country RV Doctor offers a special:

AC cleaning service for RV Air Conditioners.

We clean both the condenser and evaporator coil on your AC. We use a special Coil Cleaner that leaves a light citrus smell inside your RV. It takes about an hour to thoroughly clean your AC.

We charge $75 ($85 in the field) to clean an AC.




Recharging an RV Air Conditioner.

RV Air conditioners are NOT designed from the factory to be recharged, they are sealed units.  You CANNOT check an RV unit using pressure gauges without installing valves.

We are often asked to recharge the Freon in RV air conditioners because the AC is not cooling or is freezing up.  We DO NOT recharge these factory sealed AC's.

Keeping an RV AC Clean is the best medicine to keeping it running efficiently for a long time.


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