Electric Awnings

"Why get an electric awning when the manual roll up awning on my trailer is working just fine?"


Here are a couple of reasons: Electric awnings are easy to use - any family member can operate the awning. You can extend and retract the awning in seconds. If you're pulling off the road for a quick lunch... push a button and the awning is set up in less than 20 seconds! Or, if a big storm comes up in the middle of the night... push a button and the awning is fully retracted and safe from the weather - you don't have to wrestle the awning in the wind and rain to put it away!

Carefree uses worm-gear motors, so you can rest assured the awning won't billow while you are traveling. Different versions are available depending on your needs: straight pitch, slant pitch, eclipse, etc.


Slideout Toppers

Keep debris off your slideout roof and out of your RV interior. Stain- and mildew-resistant white vinyl SlideTopperTM shields your slideout roof from water and debris.


Extends and retracts automatically with your slideout

Easy to clean - just hose it off or wash with mild soap

Reflects light to help keep interior cooler anti-billow device keeps fabric rolled tight to prevent wind damage

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