Wheel Bearing Maintenance

The standard recommendation is that you re-pack your trailer wheel bearings once a year.(Note: Some manufactures are now recommending every 6 months or 6,000 miles)

Trailers tend to sit a lot which can contribute to condensation inside the wheel. Condensation can lead to rust which, in turn, leads to particles which can score surfaces and cause friction and bearing failure. Re-packing the bearings also makes it easy to inspect your brakes and running gear in order to detect and fix potential problems before they become a hazard.



  1. Clean and Repack Wheel Bearing with New Grease
  2. Free Brake Inspection
  3. Free Brake Shoe Adjustment
  4. Air Tires

Single Axle $125
Double Axle $200
Triple Axle $275


Did you know we also do oil changes!

We are an Amsoil dealer and believe in offering our customers the best lubricant products on the market for their RV.

We use Amsoil Grease to pack bearings.



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